Subaru Master Technicians

If you’re looking for the best service available
for your Subaru, trust your Subaru with a
Subaru Master Technician.

Serra Subaru of Traverse City is proud to have two Subaru Master Technicians on our staff. Greg Clous has worked hard to achieve this recognition.

Subaru Master Technicians. Quality driven. Technician powered.
To obtain this certification you must have completed the following:

  • 87 Total Classes Must Be Completed
  • 29 Instructor Led Courses
  • 52 Days of Instructor Led Courses
  • 56 Web-based Classes
  • 5 Years As A Subaru Technician
  • 8 ASE Certification (A1-A8)
  • Pass All 6 Subaru Certification Tests


Pictured Left to Right:
Jerry Zezulka – Executive Manager
Greg Clous – Subaru Master Technician
Austin Tewksbury – Subaru Field Service Engineer
Carl Lyons – Subaru Service Manager
Mike McFarlan – General Manager